Castle Knight 5 noce diffusori da pavimento 2 vie cabinet in legno

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The Castle Knight 5 Speakers is the largest model in the Knight range, and packs a serious punch. Thanks to the larger 6" drivers and the much larger cabinet the K5 is big step up in scale over its slimline brothers. The K5 is perfect for large rooms with or without a subwoofer and looks stunning in its real wood veneer.


  • System    2 1/2-way Transmission Line
  • Tweeter    25mm tex
  • Woofer    2 x 150mm
  • Sensitivity (db)    90
  • Impedance (ohm)    8
  • Frequency Range (hz)    30 hz - 24 khz
  • Short-term Power (W)    200
  • Dimensions (mm)    925x200x335
  • Weight (kg)    20
  • Finish: Antique Oak Veneer

Since 1973 Castle has been a loudspeaker manufacturer in the truest possible sense with both design and manufacture of their world famous speakers housed entirely in one factory. Castle is rare amongst loudspeaker manufacturers in that they not only manufacture the drive units and electronic components found in their speakers but also the beautifully hand crafted real wood veneered cabinets used to enclose them. When Castle was formed the founding concept was to be a complete loudspeaker manufacturer and despite changing times and the globalisation of manufacturing Castle still retain this as the basis for the company.

Knight Series
The Castle Knight series is born of a complete understanding of acoustic principles, exceptional high-frequency clarity, depth of character and lustre - remarkable traits which reflect its outstanding performance. Featuring Castle's trademark of smooth and rich performance, a new standard in build and value in a package dedicated to high-quality stereo audio, whilst performing with speed and accuracy, characteristics that are important in enabling close acoustic matching to achieve the highest level of performance. Detail and neutrality are of utmost importance when building a loudspeaker, an evident characteristic shown throughout the design and construction of the Knight series.

High frequency driver
The Knight series was designed and manufactured using drive units and components built in-house, from the ground up - only possible because of our world-class research and development. The Knight series achieves superb high-frequency performance using a 'soft-dome' tweeter which produces a more controlled performance than metal equivalents and an innovative aluminium-core voice coil which matches and even exceed the bandwidth possible from metal domes without having to worry about inherent problems. Accuracy of high frequencies is core to the ability of any loudspeaker to render three dimensional soundstages whilst providing high class acoustic performance.

Cabinet design & Bass driver
In most loudspeaker designs, room modes are easily excited by forward or rear-firing reflex ports, which can cause resonance and a resulting 'boom' at particular bass frequencies. Whilst giving an impression of an impressive bass response, this boom frequency masks all others making bass indistinct and slow. Using TPT (Twin-Pipe Technology), a new generation of transmission-line, vented through the speaker base - a system that couples the bass response within the cabinet enclosure using a twin-pipe quarter wave design to provide a smooth and even bass response which augments that from the main bass driver with clarity. Using a rigid yet light mixed-fibre cone material in the bass driver makes it fast enough to track the most complex score and its unique 'TPT' (Twin-Pipe Technology) transforms the performance of all its floor-standing speaker models, using the internal volume of the cabinet to extend the bass response without using unruly reflex ports. Adorned with the highest quality genuine wood veneer, the Knight series offers more than just a taste of high-end luxury.

Made from fine real-wood veneer that is sourced from sustainable timber, with the most beautiful deep-figured slices and cut from real trees. Each speaker pair being hand-finished using mirrored, book-matched veneers before being sealed and waxed in a process which takes over 5 days.

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